Hai Mudrakells (empressmaruja) wrote in nakupotheydidnt,

Radio DJ Mr. Fu transfers to new station. Meh ganon?!

Mr. Fu got emotional when he finally confirmed that he’s leaving the station that gave him his first break (91.5 Energy FM) to start a new masa station soon. He explained that money was one consideration but it was more of a career move for him to evolve as a radio personality.

When I cornered him at our Viva Cinema Channel show “Stop, Talk and Listen,” he revealed that his new home will be 103.5 WOW FM, to be launched on August 23. His program will still be in the prime time morning slot.

No doubt, Mr. Fu will outdo himself and wow his avid listeners even more with his unique brand of wit and humor.

Source:  Dolly Anne Carvajal on PDI

Nabulabog ang buong... u...niverse!

Tags: *interview, *radio
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