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The Voice of the Philippines, the country's version of televised singing competition The Voice, launched this weekend with a bang and a boom, a lot of high notes, and some rock and roll.

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Actor Dennis Trillo, one of four lead stars in the controversial film “My Neighbor’s Wife,” has admitted that he cheated on former girlfriends.

“I’m only human. I was still so young then,” he told Inquirer during a recent media gathering hosted by the film’s producer, Regal Entertainment. “I’ve learned my lesson; I’ll never do it again.”

For Dennis, marriage is something permanent, and so he won’t marry unless he’s truly ready. “I don’t believe in getting married for the second or third time,” he said. “I’ll do it only once. I’ll make sure she’s really the one, and do everything I can to keep our marriage intact. I’ve experienced a lot of troubles in my past relationships.”

He admitted dating actresses Rufa Mae Quinto, Cristine Reyes and Jennylyn Mercado. He has a 3-year-old son with former beauty queen Carlene Aguilar.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

An emotional Maja Salvador admitted that she's the cause of the controversial altercation between her onscreen partner Coco Martin and whom she finally owned up as her boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli, at the after-party of the fifth Star Magic Ball last Sept. 3.

It took several seconds before the young actress answered “The Buzz” host Boy Abunda’s first question related to the subject—her real relationship status with Matteo—in her live interview on Sept. 4.

Acknowledging that she had her first interview on the show eight years ago and by Boy himself, a crying and trembling Maja said, “Umm…. Since dito po ako sa ‘The Buzz’ nag-umpisa… Opo Tito Boy [may relasyon kami].” (Umm... Since I first appeared here on The Buzz... Yes, Tito Boy (we are in a relationship.)

She added, however, “Pero pagkatapos po ng nangyari kagabi hindi ko po alam kung san papunta.” (But after what happened last night, I don't know where we will go from here.)

Although Maja confirmed that a brawl between Coco, her leading man in the recently concluded drama series “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin,” and Matteo indeed occur (“lahat naman po alam na ‘yon (everybody knows about it anyway),” she quipped), the actress begged off from offering more details.

“Siguro po Tito Boy, wag po muna siguro ngayon, sana po… sa ‘Thelma’ na lang po muna tayo mag-focus,” she said, referring to her debut indie film, as tears fell. (I guess not now, Tito Boy. Let's just focus on promoting "Thelma" instead.)

And for her final admission on the issue, Maja answered “ako po (it was me)” when Boy queried if she’s the reason that a fight ensued between the two actors at the Salon De Ning of the Manila Peninsula, where the Star Magic Ball was held.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

Yes, I deliberate changed the headline. So tired of artistas admitting they are in a relationship with another artista when they break up or something really bad happens, like this one.
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After Chito’s bashing and member replacement, XLR8 had to face another controvery again. Yesterday, Elmo Magalona, the son of Pinoy King of Rap Francis Magalona, shared the stage with ppop group XLR8 on a Justin Bieber performance. His mother Pia Magalona couldn’t help but voice out her opinion about XLR8. On her twitter account, she advised them to take singing lessons. Elmo’s sister Saab Magalona, who also partake on Chito’s issue with Ppop, called XLR8 a “fake kpop group.” She also said they ruined Elmo’s performance. Besides the Justin Bieber production, XLR8 also sung and danced on Katy Perry and Kpop segments. Could it be the reason why they failed to keep up with Elmo’s energy level on stage?

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looks really freakin good. they wont disappoint.

Meet Jin, M, Wes, Chris & Nico - Five equally gifted and talented young Performers. They will captivate you with their powerful voices and enthralling moves! A-Five: They're Coming and there's No Stopping them!

A boy group composed of 5 equally talented performers. Managed by Mark "Shandii" Bacolod under Bellhaus Entertainment Inc.

Jin hails from Vancouver Canada and is the main vocals.
Wes hails from the Netherlands, he is the dance machine of the group.
Chris and Nico both hail from the City of Angels, Los Angeles California.
Nico is the leader of the group.
M hails from Metro Manila.

Head over to their fanpage to know more about them!

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From Milwaukee Audition to Top 24, Thia Megia has been a consistent contender and always impresses the Judges.
The 15-year-old Filipino-American from Mountain House, California once become a semi-finalist in America’s Got Talent. Now she has made it through to the Top 24 of American Idol Season 10, filling the 12th slot for the female contestants.

Relatively speaking, Megia has flown under the radar. After impressing the judges in the Milwuakee auditions, she hasn't gotten a lot of camera time. But she survived an audtion session in Las Vegas with the woman Ryan Seacrest dubbed the "vocal coach from hell," and on Thursday's episode the Hayward native was the final female to be admitted into the Top 24. Judge Jennifer Lopez praised the softspoken Megia, telling her, "everything you do is so natural."

Contra Costa Times article by Chuck Barney
24 February 2011 @ 10:59 am
Singer, dancer, songwriter, Chelo Aestrid from Philippine All-Stars, released her MV for her single "Pinays Rise"

Pinays Rise is the first single from Chelo A.'s upcoming album: Love, Life & D'Light. Distributed by JayR Sillona of Homeworkz/Universal Records PI. [from YT description]

You might notice Chelo from the "Mainit" single which was released 2 years ago.

Chelo's hip and energetic style is a fresh and welcome addition to the growing pool of new generation OPM artists. The song [Pinays Rise] is not bad. Catchy song with some tagalog injects that doesn't sound awkward and cheap. The MV's one step forward compared to the local ones we've had before. Mad props to Direk Treb Monteras II (aka Future of OPM's MVs, check his work here) and the whole production team. From the set, to costume design. I love the idea of the "modernized" Filipiniana/Terno, which sends here up a notch on the "Fashionalism" scale [fashion+nationalism, get it? lol].

So, Before we go gaga over comparing her to some US/KPOP/JPOP artist (NOTE: Sarcasm), let's watch the MV:

thankgodtheresvimeo for HD

on YT

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jamming to this like what!!!???
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